Conway: Left is wrong to delegitimize Trump OR unmitigated gall and gaslighting

15181193_10154770200792188_5052661469593726009_nI simply have no words to describe my disgust at the level of gall this person has, in suggesting the Democrats owe any form of allegiance or even recognition of his election to Donald John Trump.

Her boss worked for years to undermine the legitimacy of President Obama.

The gall of this person to stand there and suggest her boss is owed any form of respect is simply…absurd.




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The gates are down, where do we go from here?

america-1151134_640On December 19th, 2016, the last Constitutional line of defense surrendered – voluntarily and indeed it appears openly and happily – to the Emperor at our gates.

The 306 votes he will receive today (305 if the warrior in Texas is able to stand his ground) represent an abandoning of the gates the alliance of Greek city-states and Spartans defended at Thermopylae over 2,500 years ago.

Much has been and will be said about this year and this time.

The election of Donald John Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America is not a victory for representative democracy, civil rights, human rights or the environment.

This man trampled everything in his path with little or no regard to social and political norms. He exploited the worst angels of our collective nature to assume power. Indeed, he revels in this knowledge.

Give him a chance, the call comes.

The means do not justify the end.

He has done nothing to earn that chance. Even should his Presidency be a decent one, his ascension was not. And he’s given no indication at all he understands or is concerned with the scale or scope of the position.

Since he won the GOP primary and doubly so since the election, we have searched – begged – for a framework that justifies, explains or positions him in some form we can understand. That surely, this must be a good man. He must be because that has been our norm in living history. He must be because American exceptionalism means this cannot happen here. Surely, America cannot elect a man like this. Surely, there is some inherent quality the majority of American voters simply overlooked.

Occam’s Razor suggests otherwise.

If we are struggling so mightily and for so long to find a framework that applies, that explains why American exceptionalism applies here and truly Trump is a good man with the best intentions of our nation first and foremost in his mind…well then there is none.

He is what he is: a naricissist, a strongman, who swept to power using the rhetoric of past Emperors.

No nation has gone through this passing of the torch from the people to the tyrant that has emerged after anything more than a shadow of itself.

And so goes this reluctant Empire into the twighlight.

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credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied
credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied

This man will never be my leader.

A leader does not divide a people.

A leader unites them.

A leader does not inspire fear in their people.

A leader conquers fear in their people.

A leader does not mock their people.

A leader inspires their people.

A leader does not encourage assault of their people.

A leader protects their people from assault.

This man at best will be the minority elected representative of the executive branch of our government.

He is no leader.

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NY Mag: Of Clinton and the Glass Ceiling that Didn’t Shatter

credit pixabay, endorsement not implied

This is a heartbreaking read.

The America I thought I knew, the America in which I thought I existed…one of progress, one of equality.

This election, this result, tells me that America doesn’t yet exist.

And reading this article, I am furious anew.

Furious for everyone insulted by Trump.

Furious for my daughters.

Furious on behalf of our country.

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Conway suggests truth doesn’t matter if it benefits Trump…

credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied
credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied

This is not okay.

Trump’s entire campaign is based on vague words, vulgar, sexist and racist statements and the jingoistic mantra of “Make America Great Again.”

I get that people are angry.

I get that people want change from the status quo.

But Donald Trump is not the way.

He is not the change our country needs.

I hope our country does not vote for “change” for the sake of change in the form of the Republican nominee for the office of the President of the United States of America.

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Sen McConnell’s obstructionism…racist and misogynistic?

img_2653Senator Warren lambasted the GOP today for their continued obstruction of consideration of President Obama’s nominee for the SCOTUS.

Consider: Senator McConnell is holding up the due process of consideration of the legitimately elected President, in the hope that the GOP nominee wins the next election. If this happens, he will have denied the Consitutional right of an African American man, in hopes of electing a white man over a woman.

What say you?



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