Is Trump accelerating the decline of American power?

Trump’s election may represent the last gasp of a dying power structure. Ironically, his election may also accelerate the speed with which said power shifts to other parts of the globe.

Trump seems to believe that the world will kneel to the supremacy of American military might. There are a number of flaws in this thinking, the least of which is the idea that we can bully nations through military might in the 21st century.

Trump and his supporters seem to believe he and they can forestall the path of globalization through brute force. They think that they can leverage American might to force nations to allow us to maintain global dominance.

That will not happen. Unlike reality TV, when parties to a contract reach a point at which the pain exceeds the profit, they will walk away.

America can either acknowledge the shifting global world and be a value added participant, or choose isolation and ethnocentrism.

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