Of human rights and geographical happenstance


credit: pixabay
credit: pixabay

I’ve long asked the question, “Are we limited by geographical happenstance?”

If we are to be true proponents of the advanced society we aim to be, true proponents of the principles and rights we say we advocate, should we not advocate for those beyond geographical happenstance.

What did I as a human being due to deserve the rights I have inherited?

Nothing, initially. I was born in the United States of America.

The luck of my birth granted me a higher shot at life denied the vast majority of humanity.

Illegal immigrants get health care?

Great, I say (and I pay more in taxes than I receive back).

The answer isn’t to deny them care. It’s to bring them into our society as full members through amnesty or send them back to their country of orientation but let’s not deny them care while they are on our soil.

I recognize there are realistic boundaries to what and how we can advocate and that political geographic boundaries exist and must be protected.

But we must always strive to be better than these boundaries.

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