538 Americans hold the fate of the American experiment in their hands

credit: pixabay
credit: pixabay

Tomorrow, 538 Americans meet to decide the fate of the American experiment.

Are we going to fold to a strongman, to take massive leap backwards?

Are we going to bow to the will of someone who cares not for our Republic and the institutions we’ve built?

Or, will we stand up to the strongman and to the nationalism he represents?

Will we say, “We are better than this!”

Will we say, “We are an exception to the rule, the way of past empires (reluctant empire that we are)?”

Will we say, “No! We reject authoritarianism!”

Or, we will affirm these things.

If the Electoral College affirms this election, I believe this represents the end of American exceptionalism and the unraveling of the order we have served and built.

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