A vote for President Donald J. Trump is…

credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied
credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied

I haven’t had the words to respond to the election this week until today.

I’m not sure I do yet, either. But I am compelled to try.

To those who voted for Donald J. Trump:

You voted FOR an open misogynist.

You voted FOR an open fear mongerer.

You voted FOR a man who mocked the disabled.

You voted FOR a xenophobe.

You voted FOR a party that supports removing the rights of LGBT citizens, of removing the equality of marriage.

You voted FOR these things.

You voted FOR this man, who represents these things.

You may have voted FOR him in spite of these things but you voted FOR him.

You may have voted FOR him as an anti-establishment protest but you voted FOR him and endorsed these things nonetheless.

I’ve heard the rhetoric this week, from the right and from within the left that the Democrats own what happened.


Those who voted FOR Donald J. Trump and his party own that result. You own what happens next.

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