You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong to be offended

credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied
credit: pixabay, endorsement not implied

Donald Trump has used a number of phrasings across his campaign that many, many people have found offensive.

Nasty woman.

Bad hombre.

He’s criticized the weight and looks of women, spoken of his penchant for doing what he wants, when he wants with them.

Here are 279 more.

He has crossed so many lines, we find ourselves applauding his efforts when he manages to make it 20 minutes without an insult.

The general response from his supporters can be summed up as ‘who are you to be offended at my speech?’

CNN commentator Van Jones made a comment this evening that really resonated. Paraphrased, he stated that it is the responsibility of the person making the comments, as a function of civility as a foundation to our civilization, to pause, understand and consider their words.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from the consequences of your actions, which includes offending people and theĀ fallout therein. You don’t get to tell people what offends them is wrong.

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